Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre is a great place to buy things especially textiles


One of the entrance board wholesale centre

NILAI in Negeri Sembilan is easily the country’s largest textiles and fabrics centre. With Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre, Nilai 1 and Nilai Square, Nilai is undeniably a household name for textiles and wholesale shopping.

But it’s not just textiles. Nilai is truly a one-stop shopping paradise, offering a wide variety of goods and services at very attractive prices.

You can get furniture, car accessories, carpets, garden equipment, crafts, ready-to-wear and other products.

The response to Nilai 3 has been overwhelming, so much so that the State Government is planning for two more ‘Nilai’ attractions – Nilai 1 and Nilai Square, both located at Putra Nilai. Both, however, will focus on textiles and fabrics only.

Nilai Square is a set of shopping blocks linked by a covered walkway, turning it into a huge walking mall. It offers about 400 units of double-storey shops with an enormous built-up area.

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