World famous Paris Tower in Nilai-3 Malaysia



Is Paris Eiffel Tower moved to Nilai 3 Malaysia

Still remember in the last article written about "Thank Q shops will be opening soon in Nilai 3" ?. It consists of 8 shops linked together and the business is providing one stop wedding centre where ALL kinds of wedding accessories will be sold there.  It includes flowers, varieties of bridal gifts, decoration items and many more. This shop already opened for business and located at Istanabul Nilai 3. Check previous article here.

We have visited this area in Jan 2009. Shops which are build in this area almost ready open for business (75% opened for business). Nearby Istanabul area, there is a unique and beautiful Tower located beside Thank Q shops. See more pictures below.
Will this Tower become an icon of Nilai 3 wholesale centre?

Paris Tower Nilai3

day scene
night scene


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