Web traffic: Making the visitors to visit your site repeatedly


One of the important question you should ask yourself when developing any new business idea or website is this: "How to make the visitors visit my site frequently?" Determining the answer or solution for this question is essential to become successful in every level. A long term profit strategy needs a solid knowledge what drives your visitors to return to your website or blog repeatedly, as well as, what makes them want to refer your website to others.

Its nearly impossible to know what every visitors feels about your site. There will be some who find your site useful and others may find it very dull and redundant. It is difficult to write for some and please everyone. So, what do you do in this situation? If I was in this situation, I'd provide to the masses by producing products or contents which shall receive the most attention.

Below is a simple checklist because as I would like to mention that no method is bullet proof and defensible enough against thousands of new and shifting visitors. User views are constantly shifting as they find more information from your competitors or elsewhere.

(1) How does 10 random people feel who have never visited your site?

(2) Are your products or services competitive?

(3) Is your site populated enough to encourage participation?

(4) Have you made navigation and customer value a main focus for your site?

(5) What is the quality of your content and product?

(6) Are you providing information that is related with your search keywords?

(7) Are you providing information that is related with your search keywords?

(8) Are you offering online service or tool that cannot be found elsewhere?

(9) Are you updating information regularly to fulfill needs of your visitors?

(10) Does your website provide a unique theme of service or information?

(11) Do you fulfill your promise to the public?

Successfully answering these questions would provide you with a higher ability to attract repeated traffic, attention and sales from visitors to your site or blog.

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