Free Traffic Generation Techniques for Any Successful Internet Business


Targeted traffic is the lifeline of any successful internet business. Of course having a good product to promote is essential but without customers you have no business. Once a product to promote has been decided upon and the core structure of the business has been established it's time to focus attention on generating traffic to your website.

For the purpose of our discussion here let's review 4 effective techniques used to generate high volumes of free traffic with great results.

1. Viral Marketing

This type of advertising approach is subtle. Viral marketing enables you to attach your name, product label, or website to any type of message that can be viewed, heard, or read. The content of the message you choose to circulate doesn't even have to be your own work, it can be something you may have come across that you found noteworthy for whatever reason.

The nature of this content may be thought provoking, controversial, late breaking news, or information of some value to the reader. The twist is it need not be directly related to the theme or purpose of what you may be promoting. The intention is to create a 'buzz' with the recipients of this message in hopes they'll pass it on to others.

2. Participate in forums and social sites

Find communities within your niche by simply searching on google.

Thru your participation at sites such you not only increase your knowledge base on your subject but also gain valuable contacts of like minded people. Additionally, by including your site address with the identity you use for participation you increase the chance of additional visitors to your site.

3. Publish articles

This is not as hard as it sounds. Absolutely anybody can write an article. Just transpose your thoughts into written documentation and you've got an article. Once you've written and submitted your article to the article directories, your work is done. People will now visit the various directories while doing research for information such as what you've written about or perhaps looking for content for their own websites. Your name and any site you may be promoting will now travel endlessly (hopefully) over the internet increasing your exposure to potential visitors to your place of business.

4. Engage in Link exchanges

Remember those people you've met at the forums and other social sites you've participated in? Consider placing some of their links on your site as additional reference material for your visitors. Your readers will love this since your site has now grown as a bigger source of information for them. In exchange you can place your link on their sites enhancing your ability to attract additional targeted traffic to your site. Everybody wins!

Looking around online it's a safe bet you'll find any successful internet business uses these free traffic generation methods. As they say, success leaves clues; now its up to you to follow them.

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