Simple way to make search engine rank your website in top place - backlink

Most of internet newbies are wondering how they could earn their money on line. It does not matter whether they are earning money via selling products on net or make money through advertising like participating world famous Adsense program. The most simple and easy way is to drive lots of traffic into their websites. Your journey to success already cut short by half if your website can attract people coming in. This apply the same if you are running any retail business. The first thing to do is to find the best location so that there will be many people passing by your shop. The outcome is that you will have more chances to expose your products to them compare to others.

Making sure the top search engine ranking your website in their first 5 pages is the key to ensure your popularity. When you are in their first 5 pages it means you are getting higher chance to drive more people than on the 50th pages. People tends to search in any search engine will not be more than 10 pages from the research developed lately.

How can we drive the traffic in a very short time? Answer is simple, just merely target the world top famous search engine like Yahoo, MSN and the most powerful Google characteristic. Each one of them has their own system to rank the websites into their list which will be provided and displayed to the user when searching contents through their search engine.

The most common but effective and proven way is the Backlinks. Backlink is the most powerful tool to make your website list in top place by these 3 top search engines. Some people prefer to call it SEO. The more links pointing to your website, the more popular search engines think your site is and when the search engines think you are popular, the higher your website gets places in search results for keywords relevant to your website. Without links, your site hardly ranks in search engines, and traffic will be difficult to come by.

How do you get links? Write articles to ezine. Most of the ezine will locate a place for you to place at least 2 active links. Furthermore, if your article is good then there will be a lot of publisher copy and paste into their website or blog. This will make your active links more and more. Others than writing article to ezine, try asking some website owner for the opportunity to exchange links with you. This will help both website owners to get their backlinks. There is another way to try, the directory site to include your website. Few top famous directory such as Yahoo Directory, Dmoz org and etc.

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