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Solve your car dashboard rattle sound and noise
Have you ever heard of the word of rattle, noise and disturbing sound created and generated in your car? From dashboard, door panel, console, seats, rear speakers board and many more. These annoying noise should not appear and exist in the first place but they are keen to exist in the old cars or some low quality new cars. Here, there is one very simplest and cheapest way to solve this problem. You can do it by your own. Just 30 Seconds will do the job.

Honda City 2009 - Malaysia Launch
Estimated It will launch in Malaysia year 2009. The car is available in a price range of RM80 - 90K Do you like the new Honda Civic meter design? Surprisingly, Honda city 2009 would be the paddle shift gears and the shocking feature of 5 speed automatic transmission. See the pic...

Advantage and the disadvantage of Buying A Hybrid now
World oil price hit highest in the history in year 2008. Estimated about US149. Thank God it came down all the way touched at US 65 in Oct 2008.
Is this the right time for everyone to go for hybrid vehicles now?
Why not? They all are getting better gas mileage compare to non-hybrids. If the Crude oil price increase again? No! Please keep on reading it.

Mercedes-Benz Mclaren Slr 722 Edition
The stylish, suave, and faster-than-ever Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition is receiving a lot of attention these days. Unfortunately, MBZ's official Web site has no info on the McLaren SLR 722. The Web site only has information on the 2006 McLaren SLR. The beastly SLR 722 made its world premiere...

2007 Ford Shelby Gt500: Cobra Strikes Mustang Again!
The 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 is the most powerful Mustang ever to roll off Ford's assembly line. Racing legend Carroll Shelby and Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) jointly designed this vehicle to make it special. Forty years following the Cobra's introduction, it remains among the most brutish cars ever produced. Just like the old days, the Shelby GT500 is available in a coupe and a convertible. The engine was upped to a 5.4-liter...

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Boot For You.
Like so many things when it comes to motorcycle apparel and gear these days, motorcycle boots are being produced by so many manufacturers its hard to pick one. You can get a cheap motorcycle boots for under...

M5 Performance - BMW
E60 M5 V-10The M5 features several F1 inspired engine and transmission controls including, and the option of changing to either automated or manual as well as the speed at which shifts are completed (there are 11 shift programs in total forming what BMW calls Drive logic). Nothing is worse than paying top dollar for you decide to buy your from the dealer, you can depend on the skill and expertise they can provide you. An increasingly popular avocation is customizing cars.

10 Cars Voted Best By Consumers – 2007
Among all experts and others who create lists at the end of the year, the most valued is the consumer. CNNMoney has based their “best car” selection based on consumer reports.
1. Honda Fit costs USD 14,000-16,000 and is the leader in the fuel efficient cars category. The Fit was the winner in reliability, crash protection, and satisfaction.
2. The Honda Civic, costs around USD 20,000 and in its range it has smooth running, great interiors, and the best handling.
3. The Honda Accord, 4...

BMW M3: Sexy, Powerful, And Comfortable
The new BMW M3 is a fourth generation car and it continues in BMW's quest to build the perfect high-performance sports car. The M3 has been designed to thrill. It is equipped with a completely new V8 engine and drive train, a lightweight body that is very rigid, a lowered center of gravity and a carbon roof that is just as strong as steel but weighs far less.

New Eight-Cylinder Engine for BMW M3 Models
The new 3.2-liter straight six V8 engine features 8-cylinders, which is the first time for the BMW M3 models. With more cylinders and a larger displacement capacity, this new engine for BMW M3 offers an excellent and powerful performance at 430 horsepower and 295 lb

What about the next generation BMW 5 Series?
To be launched in 2010, the next generation BMW 5 Series comes with an entirely new platform as well as a new exterior designs. Generally speaking, the design is entirely different from the E60 5 Series. The only resemblance is the "flame surfacing", as how BMW calls it. This is composed of concave and convex shapes. 

Fresh BMW 5 Series to launch in 2010
BMW indeed continues to offer its customers a more advanced technology built vehicles as it makes the new BMW 5 Series with more striking appeal to the public. A Flex-Ray high-speed vehicle network architecture (for more agility), new torque splitting all-wheel-drive (which also known as Dynamic Performance Control), refined I-Drive

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