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car dashboard noise killer

It is great to own a car. It gives you a lot of conveniences such as bringing you from a place to another. You do not need to depend on public transportation anymore whenever you need to travel on your own or together with families. In addition, some of the public transportation they are just awful and inconvenience.

Indeed, getting your own dream car like BMW, Benz, Sport Cars, Japan high-end and top range European cars are undoubtedly most wonderful things in the world. How many of us can accomplish this? These range of luxury cars give you endless pleasure whenever you drive them.
Solving Car Dashboard noise

How about old cars? Do they serve us well too? Definitely the answer is YES if you know the method to solve their problems.

Have you ever heard of the word of rattle, noise and disturbing sound created and generated in your car? From dashboard, door panel, console, seats, rear speakers board and many more. These annoying noise should not appear and exist in the first place but they are keen to exist in the old cars or some low quality new cars.

It indeed not a big problem to you but they are just annoying your pleasure whenever the noise appear while you are driving especially the noise coming from your car dashboard and door panel.

I am going to give some tips on tackling and solve your car dashboard noise or rattle sound. This tip is so simple and cheap. From the picture, you need to place a bendable plastic hanger just in front of your car dashboard. One end is pointing to your car windscreen and the other end pressing down to your dashboard. Just a light force apply to your car dashboard will do. You will find the good result immediately.

It is the cheapest way to solve and eliminate your car's dashboard noise. No more rattle and krek krek noise from your car will make you more happy with your old cars.


Just to update some information here. I want to avoid too many emails asking me the type of car I am using. I have received 23 mails regarding this issues so far. I hope it will stop now.

Yes, I am driving a more than ten years old car. It is Honda Accord. I am placing it for more than 2 years and happy with the zero sound generated from the car dashboard. You can do it too!

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