What about the next generation BMW 5 Series?


To be launched in 2010, the next generation BMW 5 Series comes with an entirely new platform as well as a new exterior designs. Generally speaking, the design is entirely different from the E60 5 Series. The only resemblance is the "flame surfacing", as how BMW calls it. This is composed of concave and convex shapes.

These insights were according to Radovan Varicak, a BMW insider.

A car that is already on the pedestal, the sixth generation BMW 5 Series will have an excellent, particularly luxurious design which will be initiated by Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW's design manager.

In order to comply with stronger pedestrian protection laws and policies, the front-end will somewhat feature a more upright kidney grille. With unscratched head lights, the BMW 5 Series flame surfacing will be clearly depicted in the engine hood's lines. Now, the rear roofline and C-pillar transcends more fluidly to the trunk lid. For a more impressive width, the parts of the tail-lights continue onto the trunk lid.

With an all new Chassis, the sixth generation 5-series has feature similar to double wishbones in the front, like on the new X5. The BMW chassis engineers said this is to yield better control and road grip around corners. The adaptive shock absorbers is arranged to become more efficient and for the sake of active steering. This is done with the help of the tremendously fast Flex-Ray automotive network communications protocol. The Bavarian auto manufacturer will also be updating its iDrive system with an addition of another couple of programmable buttons.

The sedan is sporty enough. In fact it will come with a V10 motor. That is more power than the 507hp offered in today's edition.

The BMW insider said the auto maker is not closing its doors to the possibility of putting a similar technology as the full-hybrid system with an electric motor while the making of the model is not yet done.

With all these features, BMW fans will certainly be more excited for the launch of this new vehicle.

BMW, maker of quality BMW air filter, is the abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke. It is translated in English as Bavarian Motor Works. It is an independent German company and at the same time manufacturer of motorcycles and automobiles. It is from where MINI and Rolls-Royce came from.

With the company slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine", BMW is committed to be such through its inventions and innovations.


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