Honda City 2009 - Malaysia Launch


New Honda City is completely come with new designed compare with its last generation.

The following are the features of Thailand’s Honda city 2008. Thailand’s Honda city 2009 would come in three variants - S model, V Model and SV model. Estimated It will launch in Malaysia year 2009. The car is available in a price range of RM 80 - 90K

Body and Structure

New Honda City - 2009 Malaysia
This new car is completely package with style and performance. It is beautifully crafted with a unique design that gives the car an striking presence on the road. The aerodynamic grill, sharp headlights, aerodynamic rear combination and extended wheelbase. It indeed, beautiful and fierce. I believe most of the Malaysian especially young age will go for this car. Predicted Toyota Vios is having a big impact in their sales.

The new Honda City is 5 mm longer and 5 mm wider than its predecessor that was the 2nd generation. Although the length and width have increased slightly, the height has been lowered by 15 mm to 1480 mm, better G-gravity but maintaining the ground and head clearance. The extended wheelbase of the car adds additional space to the car interiors and stability. Undeniably this will enable its ride more comfortable for both the driver and the passengers.


Do you like the new Honda Civic meter design? This City interior features comprising advanced meter design, heart touching colour contrasts, highly developed safety features, and an integrated audio system. The sophisticated safety features fitted in the new City comprise ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with Brake Assist (BA), pre-tensioner seat belts, Dual SRS airbags, and G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) body with a crush-proof survival zone.

Engine and Performance

Having all these extraordinary features, the new City is also equipped with a powerful and refined i-VTEC engine that delivers power of 118PS with decent fuel consumption.

However the most exciting feature of the Honda city 2009 would be the paddle shift gears and the shocking feature of 5 speed automatic transmission. This will definitely make Honda City 2009 Malaysia owner the biggest satisfaction in 2009. Just wondering, how could they do that? How about the 4th generation of Honda City 2012? Really tough to develop such good looking car with high tech features again.

Who wants to place a booking for this 2009 model Honda City?
I believe some of the business man will do so and later on make huge profit on this.

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