New Eight-Cylinder Engine for BMW M3 Models


The BMW M3, the Munich-based automaker's sports version of the popular BMW 3-Series compact luxury car will have something new under its sleek hood. BMW Group has recently launched the details of its new V8 engine for the M3 2-door sports coupe and convertible models.

The new 3.2-liter straight six V8 engine features 8-cylinders, which is the first time for the BMW M3 models. With more cylinders and a larger displacement capacity, this new engine for BMW M3 offers an excellent and powerful performance at 430 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. amount of peak torque, marking its sports car characteristics. Although the new V8 offers a powerful vehicle performance, the engine also offers lower exhaust emissions just like the sports car's competitor, the Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG that also features cleaner emissions on its Mercedes Benz exhaust. In fact, the new V8 engine complies with the most stringent EURO 4 emissions standard, and earns the LEV II (low emission vehicle) certification.

The new BMW M3 V8 achieved this low exhaust emission certification because of the engine's power train technology like the variable double-VANOS camshaft management, fuel injection system, and the brake energy regeneration that enhances the BMW M3 V8 engine's efficiency and driving dynamics.

Meanwhile, here are the complete engine specifications from a BMW official press release of the new BMW M3 V8:

First eight-cylinder for the BMW M3 sports car. - Supreme performance ensured by 309 kW/420 hp from 4.0 litres. - Maximum torque of 400 Newton-meters (295 lb-ft) at 3, 900 rpm, 85 per cent of maximum torque over a speed range of 6,500 rpm. - Unique thrust and muscle ensured by consistent implementation of the M high-speed engine concept, maximum engine speed 8,300 rpm. - Consistent lightweight construction of engine and ancillary units, new V8 power unit one of the lightest eight-cylinders in the world, lighter than the straight-six power unit in the former model. - Variable camshaft control, low-pressure double-VANOS for an optimum charge cycle, system offering full power and performance even with normal engine oil pressure. - Eight individual throttle butterflies for spontaneous engine response. - Consistent and reliable oil supply with longitudinal and lateral acceleration up to 1.4 g ensured by two oil pumps and wet sump oil lubrication optimized for supreme dynamic behaviour. - Exhaust system optimizing cylinder charge, optimized for weight and function by means of internal high-pressure remoulding, exhaust emissions fulfill EU4 and LEV 2 standards. - Upgraded MSS60 engine control unit for optimum coordination of all engine functions with the various control systems in the car. - Ion flow technology recognizing and distinguishing engine knocking phenomena as well as misfiring and miscombustion by measurement of ion flow in the combustion chambers. - Brake Energy Regeneration with intelligent alternator control.

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