BMW M3: Sexy, Powerful, And Comfortable


The new BMW M3 is a fourth generation car and it continues in BMW's quest to build the perfect high-performance sports car. The M3 has been designed to thrill. It is equipped with a completely new V8 engine and drive train, a lightweight body that is very rigid, a lowered center of gravity and a carbon roof that is just as strong as steel but weighs far less. As always, all systems have been tried on the toughest testing ground in the world.
For this car, style is not the main goal; it will always be designed by functionality. The front is designed to accommodate the high-rev engine. The back sports a wider track and four tailpipes. Even the shape of the exterior mirrors enhance the overall aerodynamics. It is this mixture of form and function that guarantee the the final effect. This car provides sports performance that is perfectly suited for everyday driving.

You will immediately see what the high-rev engine is able to accomplish when you turn the key in the ignition. Push this new BMW to its limits and experience the pleasure of driving such a powerful automobile as you shift the gears and put the car into motion. Maintain tight steering as you round the first curve so you don't give up your advantage. The BMW M3 can be individualized with original paint finishes. Listen to the powerful engine as it reaches 8,400 rpm.

The car's exterior features well-designed headlights which are the optimum shape to deflect wind as it moves quickly over the bonnet. The gracefully-curved front section has wide wind intake vents. The long curving lines if its elegant body and sloping roof discourage wind resistance and allow the BMW M3 to accelerate smoothly and fluidly. There's no wonder why the performance of a BMW is unsurpassed anywhere.

One glance inside the cockpit and across the distinctive dashboard and you immediately know that within the BMW 3 Series M3 hides a realm of discoveries: interior trims in fine wood, titanium or aluminum compliment the perfectly combined colors and materials that underscore the generous spaciousness inside the vehicle.

You would be forgiven for overlooking the intelligently positioned instrument dials - they are simply placed where you expect to find them. Their seats are remarkably spacious and comfortable. The optional Sports seats, with their excellent side support, are perfect for dynamic driving, and make the longest journey into a relaxed pleasure.

The new BMW M3 is a fourth generation car. The well-developed rear offers room for the wider track and quadruple tailpipe system. The interplay of each factor achieves the best result: sports car BMW performance. If you start the ignition, you will instantly see what the high-rev engine is capable of. Shift up through the gears to propel this new BMW forward. Brake as you approach the first bend but keep your steering tight. You can configure your BMW using original paint finishes and enjoy the powerful sound of the engine at 8,400 rpm after your BMW tuning.

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