Advantage and the disadvantage of Buying A Hybrid now


World oil price hit highest in the history in year 2008. Estimated about US149. Thank God it came down all the way touched at US 65 in Oct 2008.

Is this the right time for everyone to go for hybrid vehicles now?

Why not? They all are getting better gas mileage compare to non-hybrids. If the Crude oil price increase again? No! Please keep on reading it.

Undoubtedly, Toyota Prius, gets around 45 miles per gallon in the city ride and 42 miles per gallon on the highway with high speed. Hybrid vehicles also contribute much to our society through emitting less harmful gas to the environment in return we have a healthier earth. Global warming is reduced indirectly . However, there is more to consider before you purchase a hybrid car.

Hybrid cars are hard to resell for the time being even in the country like Japan. Additionally, car value is depreciating every years. For the new hybrid car price is absolutely not in favor yet. Depending on where you live, it may even be more expensive to buy in some country like Asian region especially Malaysia. For example, the 2008 Toyota Prius begins at US$41,500. This is quite does not make sense to buy such a car with a lots of unknown aspects like maintenance cost, cell station and etc. Having Hybrid vehicles is more risky compare to non-hybrid car when it comes to spare parts now. Not many company selling hybrid car spare parts. Indeed, if the spare part is not a question, there still is some cons side like the cost of the spare part.

Since hybrids are still new to the market, most mechanics have not competent enough to handle hybrid car without proper training module. This means if repairs need to be taken place it indeed must be done by those with more specialized training than the average mechanic has. Consequences will be the repair cost higher for hybrids than non-hybrids.

Needless to say, company like Toyota and Honda, have come up some consensus to tide up well with all countries' leaders in need of looking back vehicle policy as such to come out with some reduction in taxes. Either in import or excise duty. They are working hard to promote more and more people to use hybrid cars. Undoubtedly, having hybrid car now a days is having more cons sides.

Do not purchase a hybrid vehicle only because they get better gas mileage and help the environment unless you are really rich and no others way to spend your money. I would not say having hybrid car is not good but not-the-yet.

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