Visiting the Underworld in Malaysia!


There is heavy breathing as the new guys try to get a handle on all the new sensations that are engulfing them as they fall through into a new dimension. When they get there they are surrounded by strange new creatures and plants and other strange things, underwater in the underworld of Malaysia where turtles, sharks and lots of beautiful reef fish are there for your enjoyment.

Malaysian scuba diving is some of the best in the world. Unlike other parts of South East Asia they have good marine law enforcement, so the illegal fishing techniques like blast fishing are kept to a minimum, making for some very healthy reefs. They have left the wrecks under water so there are many to dive. In most of South East Asia the wrecks are chopped up for their scrap steel, which turns s a quick profit but takes away a reef habitat. The Malaysian government is also spending money on public awareness campaigns, and that is paying dividends in the form of less littering that you would see else where in the region.

The scuba diving industry itself is robust and again the Malaysian shine as they have lots of there own instructors and dive master: most tourists like having interactions with the locals and this is a natural place for cultural exchange. Likewise the dive companies are mostly owned by Malaysians which is good for the seas, as the stake holders are the locals, who though peer pressure keep the environment as clean as they can as they directly benefit from it.

You will also meet lots of Malaysians who have taken up diving and snorkeling so if you would like to meet them please feel free to stop by and drop in underwater in Malaysia!

About the Author:
Fred Tittle has lived and worked in holiday vacation resorts his entire life, from Lake Geneva’s Playboy Club, as a rock jock for KSPN FM in Aspen Colorado, he became a PADI Pro Scuba Diver in Hawaii, diving on Maui, Kauai, Kona on the big island, and Waikiki on Oahu. He now owns EcoSea Dive in Sihanoukville Cambodia where he teaches SSI and PADI scuba diving courses and runs liveaboards in the gulf of Thailand and Asia adventure tours,

Fred’s new project where he reviews cheap hotels , budget guesthouses, discount accommodations and cheap international flights, but is really an excuse to go scuba diving on vacation more, Fred is in Malaysia with Tokyo Japan up next.