Discover Ipoh - Food, Limestone Caves, Hotels in Ipoh Malaysia


If you take a full-circle panoramic view of Ipoh Malaysia, you will notice that the city is surrounded by limestone hill range at all angles. This unique natural landmark of Ipoh has made her well known as a hill city in Malaysia.

Limestone caves:

The hill city therefore has a lot to offer with its natural limestone arts. The formation of the stalagmites and the stalactites in the cavern are unique to any limestone hill. The stalagmites grow upward from the ground and meet with the stalagmites from the roof and form a solid column. The formation of these colorful arts by dripping of mineral-rich water from the roof has taken place since 400 million years ago.

The most visited limestone attractions in Ipoh are Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong. These caves are the home to many Buddhas' statues. Some of these caverns have a few hundred meters in length, and are connected to a few small valleys at the back of the hills. The only way to access to these isolated valleys is by passing through the long cave tunnels. For those who prefer something a little more challenging, you can join the cave expedition tour at Gua Tempurung. There are four tours offered which will lead you to different segments of the limestone hills and caverns. The longest tour requires 3.5 hours to complete. If you go with this longest Grand Tour, you will need to turn on your torchlight and hike in the underground creek to move forward.

Ipoh food:

Ipoh is very popular for its Chinese cuisine. The symbolic food is the Chinese dim sum, the flat white rice noodle and the bean sprout and chicken cooked with soy sauce and sesame oil. The hill city is also famous for its fruits such as the pamelo, guava and durian. Located at the midway of Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Ipoh attracts visitors traveling at the North-South Expressway to pull over for food.

Hotels in Ipoh:

There are a number of hotels in Ipoh for your staying comfort. The Syuen Hotel Ipoh is situated at the most strategy location which allows easy access to the nearby shopping malls and restaurants. Other leading hotel is the Impiana Casuarina Hotel Ipoh. Click belowfor more information on hotels in Ipoh.

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