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Perhentian Island is located in the South China Sea at the northern east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Since the island is under the protection of the Marine Park of Malaysia, it is well-preserved and unspoiled by human's development except for the building of the hotel resorts and the tourist attractions. The island is accessible by speed boat within 30 minutes from the small fishing port of Kuala Besut at the mainland of Terengganu.

Perhentian Island is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and peaceful natural surroundings. It is a fine destination for scuba-diving, snorkeling, marine lives and corals exploring, fishing, sailing and jungle trekking. Perhentian is made up by two main islands and twenty other smaller islands. The main islands are the Perhentian Besar Island and the Perhentian Kecil Island which are visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. It's an ideal location for getaway and for honeymoon couples.

Perhentian Island is a paradise for diving enthusiasts due to its great variety of marine life and fascinating underwater wonders. The underwater world in Perhentian is a world of magical colors. Divers can enjoy diverse attractions like coral reefs, moray eels, stingrays, sea shells, hawksbill turtles, fusilier fish, butterfly fish and surgeonfish. Most of these attractions are very close to the shoreline.

The condition for diving in Perhentian Island is relaxing and is suitable for all levels. Amazingly it is also inexpensive. For divers who are looking for excitement, in some areas the water descends to 30m deep. The pristine underworld landscaping and diverse marine life are unique to Perhentian.

The hotel resorts in Perhentian Island are available at different styles for your staying comfort, with well-appointed guest rooms and standard in-room amenities. The restaurants offer an extensive array of buffets with a blend of local and international delicacies.

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