R & K Restaurant at Seremban branch - Halal food and the best is Satay


I've come to know this restaurant by one of my close friends. It offers wide range of delicious foods especially its' Satay, Tomyam soup and Hainam noodle.

Surprisingly, this shop open reasonably early in the evening. Without further delay, I took a seat which is right in front facing to the main road. Its just located beside the main road from Exit toll - Seremban heading Seremban Terminal Bus Station. I ordered those mentioned above food without any doubts. Of course, together with my family members. Allow me to jump into conclusion. Tomyam soup! Wow~. Fabulous! In which definitely can be accepted by most people due to its tasty soup but not very hot. Honestly, I like it. Admittedly, I myself could not take too much of hot food. It meant a lot to me.


Hainam noodle, I would say above average but is not favorite but it is quite famous in this restaurant based on my observation that times was many customers ordered this dish. Undoubtedly, Satay is one of the famous and delicious food in Malaysia, many visitors around the world already admitted this. Indeed, I like the place of Malaysia. We can have MOST delicious food everywhere with a lots of varieties.

Coming back to my Satay. Hmmm.... I would say Satay served by this restaurant extremely good taste. I like the taste and fragrant of "serai" and ginger.

They put lots of these ingredient with absolutely right amount. I talked to the person in charge and given double thumbs up to them. Well done guys!

Tips for those who really want to eat Satay in this Restaurant.

Prepare your journey early. Reach there before 6.00pm. Why am I telling this to you? Firstly, not many people at this time and they can really make their best Satay for you. Trust me!


Continue with the 2nd visit...

In Nov 2008, visited the 2nd time, at 6.30pm, few tables of customer appeared there. I ordered my favourate Satay, Tomyam and Mee bandung for my wife. I would say, all disappointed. Non of the dishes taste like before. Maybe the time is not in their favour.

Mee Bandung Seremban 2, Satay R&K Seremban

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