Most delicious Mee or Noodle Bandung in Seremban2 - Malaysia famous food


mee bandung

Pak Tam Kopitiam located at Oakland Industrial area. Be specifically, it is nearby the Columbia Hospital Seremban 2. Merely, in front of the Bridgestone tyres shop. Just beside the main road and you can find it easily.

As usual, before I order any dishes to fill up my morning empty stomach, I would like to observe the surrounding customer ordered first. Certainly, this will ease me to order its most famous food.

Yes, I've seen it! Its Mee Bandung! About 70% of the customer ordered this food at the restaurant. Me too also very Kiasu, "Please quickly give me a set of Mee Bandung, I want to try it!" This order was taken by one of their well dressed waitress.

Pak Tam Kopitiam
Wow! Look at it baby! It is like seafood! Without further delay, put it in my mouth. Mama mi ya! Mama mi ya! Ma!! Ma!!

It is so delicious, so tasty and yummy! I believed they use a lots of prawn to make this superb "kuah". No wonder there are many of them ordered this delicious food. I finished all the mee and "kuih". Its like a mirror when you look at the empty dish.

Definitely I will come back again with some others food. You must try it when you are in Seremban 2, Jusco. It is just located nearby there. No doubts, if you ask anyone who stays in this area will be able to find them. Besides the Mee Bandung, their drinks serve to you well too. Indeed, Kao-kao Kopi! If you couple it with their famous Hainam-roti which is baked, you will fly~.

Mee Bandung Seremban 2, Satay R&K Seremban

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