Mobile Market At Night Or Called "Pasar-Malam" in Malay Words - Tips to buy fruits


Have you ever seen there is a place where they sell all kinds of items via placing a table or few and line up to 200 to 800 meters. This is what we call mobile market at night in Malaysia? They used to run business just for few hours in a place for a day. Once times out they need to move out from the place.

This is a very normal practice for Asian country, Malaysia. I used to call this as Mobile-Market at night because they are not in a place. They move everywhere but only places that designated and allowed by theirs' state government. Some of them might call it differently. But anyhow they are the same. Here, I would suggest few tips to buy a good fruits with reasonable price at abovementioned market.

Target Fruits :
Orange, apple, Pear, Peach, Grapes, Plum, Mango, Chempedak, Jackfruit, Pomelo, Lychees, Malay apple, Honeydew Melon, Mandarin orange, Mangosteen/Manggis and Durian

Rule number 1, must wait for few fruits lots to be in place. If possible different owner. I have personally seen this happened to me. A fruit call "Mangosteen" priced RM10 for 2Kilos. That time only a single lot selling this. Once there was another fruit lot arrived, they quickly changed the price tag to RM8 for 2Kilo. Guess what? It was the same price with the second fruit lot. How stupid I were, just few minutes of different the price dropped by 20 percents.

Rule number 2, test before you buy it. Ask for the boss to allow you to test it. Just a single slice of Orange will do. I used to buy Orange in this way. You won't go wrong with this simple test. Juicy, sweet and tasty are my taste. I won't allowed myself to buy something which is not SURE. Same apply this to others fruits.

If the lot's boss disallowed you to perform this QC test, then switch to another lots. They are plenty of fruits lot available in mobile market.

How about Malaysia's King fruit! You are right, Durian. Undoubtedly, Durian is one of the most expensive fruit in Malaysia. The total weight of a piece of Durian about half to few kilos. This fruit having thick skin and about 90 percent of the total weight you actually paid for the skin itself. To me, rule number 1 for this seasoning fruit I definitely will go through my tight QC test before I buy it especially to those unknown seller.  Besides that rule number 2, it is advisable for you to buy it from person whom you know very well.
They will choose some good Durian for you. Just say what taste you are looking for.

Lastly, happy hunting some good quality fruits at Mobile market.

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