How To Eat Good Quality Food While Traveling


When you are traveling whether on the road or airport hopping finding good food to eat at a reasonable price is an important consideration. When you are traveling eating out at fancy restaurants can take you over your budget in a hurry. Take a look at some ideas to help you keep your food costs down and still enjoy your dining experiences.

First off, always be sire to eat a healthy breakfast if at all possible. If you are on the road you can stop in at a spot like a Waffle House or even better yet a mom and pop spot that will fill you up without killing your wallet. Don't go for the quick fix of a bag of donuts from a convenience store. Eat something healthy like a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit and wheat toast. If you are lucky enough to be traveling in the Bahamas, try the local favorite, Fish and Grits!

Eat your largest meal at lunch time. Many establishments offer lunch specials that are bargains during this time. My advice is to sample the local cuisine, especially if you are in another country. This is always a cool experience and generally cheaper than try to find a burger! Also, you never know when you will be on a sightseeing tour and your stomach decides for you that it is time to stop and get something to eat. Take along some healthy snacks, like fruit, nuts, raisins, or peanut butter and crackers.

Many people think going to a grocery store while on vacation is totally taboo. The truth is you can save a ton of money and pick up some local favorites at a grocery store. If you are staying at a destination for more than a week or so grocery shopping pretty much becomes a necessity. When we stayed in the Bahamas last summer for a month we hit up the grocery store three days a week at least. With three teenage boys to feed, I had no choice!

If you are in an area that has small family owned or independent diners give them a try. You will often find much better process as well as better and friendlier service than the larger establishments. By taking advantage of the ideas I have shared with you, you will enjoy your vacation much more because you will not have to worry about the cost of each meal that you eat and hopefully I have convinced you to try the local fare.

About the Author:
Gregg Hall