Tips to prevent luggage from missing in airline


First thing we would like our customers to place this the top priority. Don't let lost luggage ruin your next vacation.
Here are some things you can do to ensure that your luggage arrives when you do...

Remove all old luggage tags and stickers from previous trips. Clear the entire old sticker.
On your outgoing trip, put your destination address and phone number on your luggage tags.
On your return trip, use your business address and phone number -- if you work at an office -- to avoid alerting burglars that your home is empty.

Tape or pin your ID -- name, home or business address, phone number -- inside your suitcase. Include your itinerary.

< Use colored tape to add a stripe or simple design to the sides of your suitcase for easier identification.

Leave a list of the contents of your suitcase at home. Keep a copy with you, too -- but not in your suitcase. This will be valuable if your luggage is not recovered and you need to submit a claim.

Never let your bags out of your sight.

Avoid obviously expensive luggage -- it's a target for thieves. Can you imagine on this! Branded luggage is dangerous too.

OK. Now you have arrived -- but your suitcase hasn't! Most "lost" luggage is found within a few days. In the meantime...

Report the loss immediately to your airline's station manager -- or ask an airport employee where to report undelivered luggage.

Do not leave the airport until you have filled out a lost luggage form and submitted it to the proper authorities. Keep a copy and get phone numbers so you can follow up.

Ask for an allowance to cover the cost of necessities. The amount you can get varies by airline and situation. You may, for example, need a change of clothes -- for instance, if you arrive in the Seoul wearing winter woolens and it is winter season you'll need to buy something better suited to the climate. Best: Speak to the highest ranking airline employee available. Remain calm and polite, but firm.

Better than going through all this: Take only carry-on luggage when you travel. With good planning, this is not difficult to do, even for overseas trips.

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Please keep this copy in your pocket when you go traveling. It helps you.

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