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The Secret to Teaching Children How to Think
One of the biggest difficulties for teachers is encouraging children to think. It is one thing to have children in a class doing lessons and appearing to complete the lessons satisfactorily by writing in the answers taught as fact. This method of regurgitation is not thinking.

Digital Camera Lessons - Using Cameras to Teach the Alphabet in Early Childhood
Teaching and learning the alphabet is a huge part of early childhood. Only after beginning to make sense of the letters and their sounds can a child begin to understand the world of print.
Cameras can help cement the understanding of the letters in many ways. In addition, children become enthusiastic about learning when they get to hold and use the cameras.

Discipline in Your Class - Is Your Class Discipline Worse Than it Used to Be? Improve it Now!
Discipline in your class is a very necessary ingredient for you as the teacher to provide, so that there is an atmosphere that will be conducive to learning. It is your job as a teacher to enforce class discipline to promote this environment where learning can occur for all of your students, but having said that, how do you actually keep control of your class?

Great Ways to Encourage Preschoolers' Imagination
Felt board stories have long been a great way to show kids stories without using books. You have to remember that kids get distracted a lot, and even though books are great, they can get bored of them. That is why we use other ways to entertain them. Anyhow back to felt boards. There are a few reasons felt boards are awesome.

Teaching Strategies - 7 Secrets Of A Master Teacher
Great teaching comes from great teachers. They have control of their classroom, mastery of their material and the respect of their students.
However becoming a master teacher isn't easy. It takes hard work, perseverance and determination.

Quick Tips to Teach Social Skills to Shy Students
First, we teach the importance of Eye Contact as that communicates confidence, and makes the student less of a target for bullies.
Second, we walk through the process of approaching someone with eye contact and a firm handshake.

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