Cat Urine Odor? Removing It The Smart Way...


Cat urine can put a damper on the relationship between you and your kitty. Removing it properly and retraining your cat may be easier than you think.
Getting cat urine on your carpet is by no means one of the joys of pet ownership. It can be really distressing and frustrating and it is easy to get angry at kitty...

Removing cat urine is one of the more challenging cleaning tasks. Not only is it very pungent, the urine actually bonds with fibers in your rug. The biggest mistake when cleaning the cat urine is to not use proper cleaners.

Salts in the urine form crystals that causes another type of bond with an ionic charge. The longer the urine has been on the rug, the stronger these bonds become.Using a homemade cleaner will not dissolve these bonds, nor does steam cleaning your carpet. Sometimes steam cleaning will make the problem worse.

Some commercially available "pet odor removers" work by masking the odor by masking the foul smell caused by the bacteria that is using the urine as it's source for fuel.Other products use compounds in the attempt to absorb the smell.

There may be an immediate relief from odor using these products, (or a home made one) but as you may have noticed, the smell comes back especially on damp, humid days. In order to eliminate the urine totally and completely, you need to use a cleaner which will actually consume the urine. This is done with a cleaner containing not only enzymes but bacteria as well.

So, you got cat pee on your rug? What is the first thing you should do?

1. Mop up as much of the urine as you possibly can. Use absorbent paper towels or old towels. Lay them on the spot and blot until there is no trace of wetness. Recognize that you may only see a small part of the spot as the urine soaks into the padding under the carpet. Be careful adding water to the spot. You don't want the spot to spread out into the padding underneath.

2. Use a cleaner based on enzymes that will actually consume the urine. Inject it into the padding, and then spray on top of the carpet. Pet the cleaner into the carpet.

3. That's it! With the proper cleaner this all that is required from you. Now, keep kitty away from the area until it has dried thoroughly.

Even though it can be easy to let the frustration out on the cat, remember that cats do not eliminate outside the box without some, for them, good reason.

When a cat eliminates outside the litter box it is a sign that something is amiss. Frequently a medical issue such as a urinary tract infection is the cause which would need medical attention. The cause needs to be discovered and corrected to ensure future success.

Finding and eliminating the cause of the behavior while cleaning the urine with the proper cleaner will assure that you will have a sweet smelling home, and a cat that goes in the box.

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By Virginia Sutherland
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