Cat Training Tips


Learn how to effectively train your cat with these great cat training tips.
When it comes to cat training tips, there is one very important thing to keep in mind, you cannot train them the same way you would train a dog. Dogs have a more "aim to please" mentality and are very likely to do what you ask of them; cats on the other hand, don’t give in quite so easily. They are stubborn animals and will make you work for their love and affection, as well as for their obedience.

Cats are predatory animals. They like to hide and attack things, not knowing that they are making a mess of your house. They may steal your socks, jewelry, pens, anything that seems interesting at the time. The easiest way to avoid this is to be sure to keep enough kitty toys in the house and make sure they are kept out where your cat can easily find them. This will help keep them from becoming bored and focusing their attention on your personal belongings.

A great tip for training your cat is to remember that punishing them won’t have much effect. Unlike dogs that will usually change their behavior after being punished, cats will most likely ignore the punishment and continue with the bad behavior, again because they can be very stubborn. The best cat training tip is to use positive reinforcement. You are much more likely to see results when rewarding your cat for good behavior. When they go to play with their cat toy rather than your watch sitting on the coffee table, reward them. You can reward them with a kitty treat, praise them with words, or perhaps even better, play with them. If they see you engaging with them, they will know that behavior is not only acceptable, but also encouraged. Playing with them also allows for a good bonding time with your cat, allowing them to become more comfortable with you.

Another great cat training tip is to keep them on a strict schedule. Cats are creatures of habit, they enjoy being on a schedule. Try to feed, groom, and play with them at the same times every day. If they never know what to expect from day to day, they can become anxious and stressed out, which will ultimately cause behavior problems.

Although these are not the only cat training tips out there, they are two of the most important and just by following these couple ideas, you can drastically improve your cat’s behavior and help prevent future bad habits from occurring.

About the Author:
By Cortney Martin
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