Textile and Curtain at Nilai-3 Pasar Borong - Nafisa Silk House(Near Textile Walk 3)


Shop named Nafisa Silk House provide textile and curtain products at Nilai-3. It is located nearby Textile Walk 3 Nilai-3 wholesale centre. For those who really want to know more about Textile Walk 3 may visit here.

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Where to find this shop :
Click below Tag "All shops - Nilai 3" for its map location. Search for the Company name, "Nafisa Silk House" and refer to its "Shop No". Then after, click the site's page "All Shops Layout" to enlarge and find out the shop location via referring to the shop no..


What to look for in this Textile and Curtain Store:- Silk, fabric, Curtain, Textile and many more.

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