Bridal and marriage accessories at Nilai-3 Wholesale centre - ThankQ


ThankQ is very famous in this place. All of their shops are spending a lot on their Advertisement board. Recently, they just opened another 8 shops in this are.

They claimed to be One stop centre for all bridal and marriage accessories. "Barangan untuk perkahwinan" concept and is so successful. They are top 3 biggest in Nilai 3. They have many branch in Nilai 3.   Perhaps you want to compare with its competitor also.
Where to find this shop :
Click below Tag "All shops - Nilai 3" for its map location. Search for "Thank Q". Then after, look for the Shop No. and click on the site's page All Shops Layout to enlarge and find out the shop location via referring the shop no..


What to look for in this Wedding Store:- Wedding Flowers, Wedding Gifts, Wedding Invitation, Wedding Accessory, Wedding Gifts Basket, Wedding Jewelry, Bridal Hair Accessories, Bridal Hair Accessories and many more.

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