Flowers and wedding accessory store in Nilai-3 Wholesale centre - Inovatif LIA

Inovatif LIA is a store alike one-stop-wedding shop. Instead of selling all kinds of bridals or marriage products, flowers and accessory also seems to provide here. Maybe you want to find similar store for you to consider and to compare with it before you visit this shop.
By the way, can you see there is some frames and home decoration items selling in front of the shop?. Yes, this shop is located at Textile Walk 3. One thing unique about Textile walk 3 is the big sheet of polycarbonate roof to keep you away from hot sun and rain.


What to look for in this Wedding Store:- Wedding Flowers, Wedding Gifts, Wedding Invitation, Wedding Accessory, Wedding Gifts Basket, Wedding Jewelry, Bridal Hair Accessories, Bridal Hair Accessories and many more.

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