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All about Nilai-3 Wholesale Centre News


The myth of of Nilai 3 wholesale centre, Malaysia

Nilai 3 wholesale centre is unquestionably a one-stop destination of wholesale, tourist and shopping paradise that offers a wide selection of goods and things at very attractive and competitive prices. Especially its located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia whereby very rare having this kind of idea.

In judging from its total size — 165ha — It is presently holds the confirmation as the country’s largest wholesale centre even though there are some areas try to launch same concept. It is not easy to come forward as such and success like Nilai-3, Malaysia. Obviously, hard work from the management and state government relationship is important. They have done a great job on this.

Sendayu Tinggi products are selling in Nilai-3 now, at Oggy Collection Ent(Latest news from Nilai 3 - Update Nov 2009)
This is another good news for ladies and women. Sendayu Tinggi is one of the top brand in Malayisa. Its products definitely help you to beautify your appearance and body. For those who are still new to Sendayu Tinggi please kindly go to their direct website to look for more details. Sendayu Tinggi at Oggy Collection Ent.

Largest bag and luggage store giving FREE Discount Coupon at Nilai 3 (Latest news from Nilai 3 - Update Mar 2009)
Wow. Can you believe it!! They are giving out FREE Discount Coupon now at Nilai 3. Hurry read for the details... You can print the Discount Coupon in their official website. Just like recently our Mc Donald is doing, a Discount Voucher!

Yes... I believe Nilai-3 is now the biggest and largest Wedding Accessories Store in Malaysia (Latest news from Nilai 3 - Update Jan 2009)
What if I tell you the No. 1 and 2 Company of Wedding Accessories already moved in Nilai 3. Can you judge by yourself? More than 38 shops are selling Wedding Accessories here. Please read on.

Is Nilai-3 the biggest and best place for getting wedding accessories items in Malaysia? (Latest news from Nilai 3 - Update Jan 2009)
Maybe not many people know this facts. Very soon for those who visit this place they will know the actual situation. Just for ThankQ (One of Nilai-3 stores) itself already having more than 16 shops around this area. Can you imagine the actual wedding accessories shops open here? We will update from time to time the Total layout shops at Nilai 3. Now it is Another ThankQ wedding accessories officially opened in end Dec 2008. 8 shops linked together.

Is Paris Eiffel Tower moved to Nilai-3 Malaysia ? (News from Nilai 3 - Update Jan 2009)
Unbelievable! There is an alike Paris Tower located at Nilai 3 Malaysia. See more pictures and read more here. Jan 2009.

Shop open in nilai 3 pasar borong - one stop marriage centre or pusat perkahwinan
 (Free voucher or coupon?)
This giant Thank Q shops will be opening soon in Nilai 3 pasar borong or wholesale centre, Negeri Sembilan, Dec 2008. Emerge as the biggest store for marriage items or barangan perkahwinan in this place. Flowers, accessories, handbag, house decoration, invitation card or kad jemputan and all relevant to marriage goods are sold here. Where is their free voucher, free coupon and discount voucher?

All shops layout at this Pasar Borong
About all the shop located at this place. From this page you can go access to the Textile Walk shop as well. Please appreciate our team members efforts. Its for your conveniences.

Nilai 3 Map | From Mahkota toll gate
Another useful Nilai3 map from Mahkota heading towards Nilai 3 Pasar Borong.

Nilai 3 Map | From Nilai toll gate
One of our team members just completed his task on preparing this map. Just take a look at the Map.

Another shop in Nilai-3 Pasar Borong transformed into new facelift
Emerge as one of the biggest in providing wide range of textile and curtain products in Nilai-3 Wholesale centre. Undoubtedly, Fiona is no longer a strange brand or name to many visitors.

One of the largest bags and luggage store in this place
We confirmed back last month, Oct 2008. It's still there at nilai-3 pasar borong! But with some good changes. This shop named Idaman Collection Enterprise.

Shop Oggy Collection just opened Oct 2008
One of the sales and supply bags, luggage, sexy night wear or sleep wear, bras, lingerie at Nilai3 Wholesale Centre, Malaysia.
Instead of selling normal quality bags and luggage, we also provide few genuine brand products such as CATerpillar, High Sierra, Green Point POLO, Millet and many more varieties for customer to choose.

You can get practically anything you want at this area, especially when it comes to textiles
NILAI in Negeri Sembilan is easily the country’s largest textiles and fabrics centre. With Nilai 1,Square and 3. Nilai is undeniably a household name for textiles and wholesale shopping.

Investment For Nilai3 Tourist Centre
NILAI, Sept 26 (Bernama) -- Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre Sdn Bhd has invested some money for its new tourist centre project as a value added attraction to the existing trade centre.

Plans to emerge as regional wholesale centre
SEREMBAN: The Nilai3 Wholesale Centre near here, a new shopping paradise in the state, has ambitious plans to emerge as the largest wholesale centre in South-east Asia.

Industrial area becoming famous wholesale centre
THE Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre has in just a few years become one of Malaysia's more popular shopping areas. Not bad for a centre where shopping was not even part of its original concept.

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