Nilai-3 Wholesale Centre, Pasar borong - Textile Walk Shop Layout and Map

The most unique thing at this place is the ROOF and wide range of products offered by the shops. It has a big sheet of Polycarbonate roof to protect you from sunlight and rain. Children playground also available. Yes, it is the ONLY ROOF concept available at Nilai 3 shopping centre.

Please kindly click on the shop lots Link for more details in explanation and photos. We will update from time to time for your shopping conveniences. We hope all our visitors appreciate our efforts.

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Textile Walk - Under Roof shop and Map
Textile and Curtain Textile Walk - Roof Textile & Curtain
Textile & Curtain    Flowers & Acc
Textile & Curtain Carpet & Frame
Sexy product, bags Textile
Bags & Luggage Shoes
  Carpet & Frame
Restaurant - Halal Handcraft


Those information written based on what we saw and received "if any, from the shops owner" at that time. This page is ONLY for your conveniences to KNOW where to buy your goods or items. Please judge them by yourself. Thank you and have a nice shopping day at pasar borong Nilai 3.