Nilai-3 Wholesale Centre - All Nilai 3 Shop Layout

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Category Company name Shop no.
Bags and Soft toys Juke Box V29
Bags and Luggage and Acc Idaman Collection Textile W - Discount Coupon (30%)
Bags, Soft toys, Acc, Sexy Oggy Collection Textile W2
Bridal / Pengantin Acc Thank Q V10
Bridal / Pengantin Acc Thank Q V9
Car Accessories Emporium Aksesory Kereta V199 - V200
Car Accessories JE Automart Marketing V201
Carpet and Frame Umar K Sdn Bhd H263
Carpet and Frame Khan Collection H264
Carpet and Frame Red Carpet H58 - H59
Carpet and Frame Sandakan Carpets SDN V18
Carpet and Frame Ashar V21
Carpet and Frame N/A V266
Carpet and Frame R.A.B. Trading Co V269
Carpet and Frame R.A.B. Trading Co V270
Carpet and Frame Maha carpet and frame V273
Carpet and Frame Daggar Trading Sdn Bhd V276 & V279
Carpet and Mattress Naeem Carpet Sdn Bhd H250 - H253
Carpet and Mattress Harun Carpet V22
Carpet and Mattress Harun Carpet V23
Clothing and dressing Bonanza V27
Clothing and dressing Rafflesia Classic Collection V41
Curtain ST Curtain Trading H108 - H109
Curtain MK Curtain House H66 - H67
Electrical products N/A V26
Electrical products N/A V28
Florist and Gift Jasmine Florist and Gift V19
Florist, Gift, Flowers Nilai 3 Flora Sdn Bhd H273 - H275
Frame Khyber Maju H65
Frame N/A V278
Frame and Acc N/A V275
Frame and Mattress N/A V11
Furniture SF Furniture Design V1
Furniture N/A V13
Furniture N/A V14
Home and Wedding acc ZC H267-H271
Home Deco & Gift Wismart Home Deco V20
Home decoration & Wedding VR Star Sdn Bhd H257 - H258
Home decoration acc Seni Alam Kraf V24
Home decoration acc Jari V274
Kedai Runcit / Grocery Hak Seng Trading V277
Kedai Runcit / Grocery ASWS Marketing V280
Lighting and Lamp Top Beauty V267
N/A N/A V16
Restaurant Friendly Café V268
Restaurant (Non-Halal) N/A V12
Textile Sunlite Textile Sdn Bhd H261
Textile N/A H272
Textile Amansha V15
Textile N/A V264
Textile N/A V265
Textile Butik Skaf V271
Textile Butik Skaf V272
Textile and bridal clothing CK Textile H276
Textile and Curtain Nafisa Silk House H255
Textile and Curtain Sri Ledang H262
Textile and Curtain Nafisa Silk House H52 - H53
Textile and Curtain Ekonomi Ramai Sdn Bhd H56 - H57
Textile and Curtain Sri Tangkak Textile V30
Textile and Curtain The Home Curtain V42
Textile and Curtain The Home Curtain V43
Textile, Clothing, Kebaya H.Yurhanis H256
Toys Toys Box V25
Toys and Telecomunication Ten V17
Wedding / Pengantin Acc Thank Q - Istanabul H100 - H107
Wedding / Pengantin Acc Kraftangan Porcelain Inn H254
Wedding / Pengantin Acc Bagus Setempat Sdn Bhd H259 - H260
Wedding / Pengantin Acc Thank Q Near TextileWalk3 H277-H279
Wedding, Flower, Handycraft WS Handicraft Sdn Bhd H114 - H117

Note: Shop number written here does not reflect the actual shop address number. Only refer to the Layout map purpose.