8 Quick Motivation Tips For Your Road To Success


Everyone wants to be successful, they want to achieve their goals and achieve the things they wanted the most in their life. However, only about 90 percent of people who actually dream about this makes it come true. So there must be something that 10 percent of people had to be different from the 90 percent. The difference is this; they know how to motivate themselves into taking action and driving themselves toward their goals in their road to success.
Therefore, the first thing you need to learn in order to achieve the success you want is how you can motivate yourself. You must know how to keep yourself at the highest energy level everyday. Motivation is not a skill; you must motivate yourself everyday, while for skills, once you acquired them, they will be with you forever. Only by making driven yourself ‘hot’, you can achieve amazing results in your life. So here are 10 quick motivation tips for you.

1. Look at your goals and dreams when you are down. I believe that you written down your dreams and your goals right? So look back at them when you are down. This is going to supercharge you again because of the reasons. If your reasons are strong enough, you will be able to overcome everything in your way. Make sure you write down your why you want to achieve your dreams and goals too.

2. Say something like “Cancel” when you are thinking something negative. I tried this myself, and it works great. You should try too. Whenever you found out you are thinking about something negative or focusing on a problem, make sure you disturb your thinking pattern by doing so. You know that you should focus in solutions, not the problems. So always do so when the times come.

3. Make a copy of your favorite audio CD with the songs or music that motivates and driven you. There must be some songs the moment you listened to them, you will feel driven and wanted to take more action. Make good use of this audio motivation method to drive you, listen to them when you down to make you hot again.

4. Join a mastermind group. The best way to keep yourself motivated is by changing your surrounding. And that means, you have to find a mastermind group who shared the same objectives as you. This group can motivates you by going through or listening to other people’s story. It is easy to join a mastermind group; there are a lot of online discussion boards, forums and groups waiting for you out there.

5. Smile and laugh more. As you know, living a happy and stress-free life are the important criteria for a successful life, you must use to them. Have you ever seen someone who hates to smile and laugh? No matter what jokes you throw at them, they seem no response. This kind of people hardly feels the sense of humor and hard to get motivated when they are down, because they don’t have an open mind. Therefore, learn to smile and laugh first before you get yourself motivated.

6. Often dream about what you want to achieve. Imagination is the best motivation. If you know how to make use of your imagination, you can make your dreams come true, fast. Everything happens twice, once in your mind as somebody’s thoughts, and once in reality. If you can control your thoughts, you can then control your decision that affects your actions. Everything starts from the inside, which will be your mind. You either learn to conquer it, or it will conquer you.

7. Make sure you read self-improvement books or material at least 30 minutes everyday. This is to make sure that you will keep your momentum going. There are a lot of free newsletter offered in the web, you can subscribe to them and get constant motivation tips. Motivational blogs are also great for this too, and my blog is one of them.

8. Get close to the nature. This is what you can do when you feel stressed. Go out and get a walk, breathe the natural fresh air to free and calm your mind. Sometimes when you do so, you will find the solutions for your problems. This is because you have calmed your mind and focus in the solution instead of the problem.

Constant motivation is a must-have process in your road to success. Without motivation, you will loosen up yourself quick and procrastinate on your action. The more you procrastinate, the more you use to it and the more you are not going to achieve what you want in your life.

Remember what you have learned today. Whenever you feel down, make sure that you use all the strategies mentioned above. You need to keep yourself motivated. Success is a long-term process and motivation will be your fuel. So keep yourself hot all the time.


About the Author:
Shawn Lim

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