There are some fundamental things that a potential investor must consider before investing in a particular equity. These things are very important because they are the things that determines the success or otherwise of your investments. Growing your investments depends largely on you, the investor.
Some of the things to consider especially when investing in growth stocks are. 1) The management: Do they have a good management team that you believe can take the company to another level? What is the vision of those saddled with the responsibility of piloting the affairs of the company? 2) What is the financial state of the company? Are they struggling with depts. And mounting threatening loans from the banks, are they struggling to survive, or is the company financially stable? This is very critical for your investment decision. 3) Is the present economic situation of the country favorable for sub sector of the company you want to buy into or not? 4) What is the value of that particular stock? Is it fairly priced, over priced or under priced? All these are critical issues that must be carefully analyzed before investing.

It is not easy to figure out the best entry price for a fundamentally sound stock, but it is something that you must try and do before investing, if you really want to make a success in your investments.

An investor that identifies a growth stock will be tempted into investing all his funds into that particular stock hoping to compound wealth as the company grows, but this is not professional. It is important to know that opportunity does always exist in the stock market, so if the investor invests all his funds in one particular stock and the next moment, he sees another that is better, he will be left with nothing. I.e. you have locked yourself out of fresh opportunities. So before investing, the first thing the investor must do is to decide on a strategy he wants to adopt in trading. He may decide to go for "value" stocks, or for "growth" stocks. Investing in both is not bad depending on your capital, however, professionally, it is better to focus on one. It is better to study the two and follow the one that best suites you. This will make you a better investor.

Some characteristics that are common with growth stocks are: 1) Average growth: If you look carefully, you will notice that the average revenue growth of these companies, compared with other companies not in this category is not the same, theirs is always higher.

2) They are mostly in the bracket of industrial sectors that are expanding continuously. They are not limited to a particular geographic or economic set-up.

3) They seldom pay dividends to their share holders.

4) Because of their aggressive marketing strategies, most of the times, their growth surpasses their earning forecasts.

5) How long you will hold your investment here is determined by the growth of the company.

In conclusion, investing in growth stocks is all about investing for the future. The investor must be able to predict whether such company will be able to maintain the tempo or not. This means that he must know in details, the plans of the company for the future. He must know their earning target for a year, their revenue base, plans for their sales promotions etc. Fortunately, it is very easy to get all these necessary information that one needs are available on the internet. With careful study and planned investment strategy, growth stocks can really take somebody from zero to hero within a little space of time.

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