Industrial area becoming famous wholesale centre - myth


Wholesale centre is famous in Malaysia now

THE Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre has in just a few years become one of Malaysia's more popular shopping areas.

Nilai 3, at the North-South Expressway's Nilai interchange, was set up as an effort to save buyers' investments at Nilai's light industrial lots. It was created to house support industries that backed larger factories in its vicinity. Recently, it can access through the newly opened way to Nilai Impian. Just after the Nilai toll you can see the Y junction. Just take the left route and you can head to Nilai impian and all the way to Nilai 3. Its shorten the way for you to Nilai-3.

Coming back again to its history.

But due to economic uncertainties in 1999, most of the smaller industries were not willing to shift to the units. They are willing to hold them with unoccupied condition.

Luckily, in 2001, developer Pemaju Perumahan Sungei Ramal Sdn Bhd decided to hold a warehouse sale with only 25 lots participating. But its success prompted the company to urge the state government to change Nilai 3's concept to a warehouse shopping centre. The company has never looked back since.

There are currently about more than 400 light industrial units in the area that offer shoppers nearly everything from carpets and furniture to canned food, nuts, clothes, pottery, handicraft, car accessories and even crystals.

Some, like the carpet shop, offer products from India and the Middle East. So good is the business that it occupies five shop lots. Now there are a lot of shops running carpets business by foreigner. Most importantly, goods are cheap compare to others area.

Another that sells flower pots, vases, mini fountains, sculptures and dried flowers from China, Thailand, Johor and Perak takes up five lots.

A short distance away from it, a shop offers furniture from Indonesia.

It isn't just products from overseas that make their way to the wholesale centre. There are also pottery from Ayer Hitam (Johor) and Ipoh, mats and handicraft works from Sabah and Sarawak besides local plastic ware, clothes and batik.

Though Nilai 3 is a huge warehouse with plenty of parking space, finding a vacant spot is difficult, especially on weekends when some 100,000 shoppers visit the centre. Some come on chartered buses from as far as Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor and Padang Besar.

According to Penang-based Kembara Riadah Enterprise assistant manager Abdul Rahman Ismail, who offers trips to Nilai 3, shoppers did not mind the six- to eight-hour journey to the centre.

"The number of trips increase during festive periods," he said, adding that the passengers had from noon to evening to do their shopping.

"The passengers are usually exhausted on their trip back, but excited and pleased," said Abdul Rahman. "I have yet to hear them complain about their purchases."

Winnie Tan, who sells pottery and artificial flowers, said she started her business at the centre with only one shop lot a few years ago. "Before long, I had to acquire more lots to cater to the demand,'' she said.
"Because of the large number of shops the competition is great. So, most of the shops offer competitive prices for their products,'' she added.

Shopper Norzali Kadir from Old Klang Road said he shopped at the centre almost every other week with his family.
"I find everything I want at one place," said the 53-year-old.

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