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Important Steps For A Woman To Be More Confident In Bed
Men often wonder why it is so difficult to convince women to turn on the lights when it is time for some lovemaking. If you think that modesty is the reason why women are so afraid of the light when they are about to have bedroom action, you should think again.

Top Ten Reasons To Pursue A Healthy Sex Life
Having a healthy sex life is an important way to stay healthy! Here is a Baker’s Dozen list of reasons why:
1.) Healthy sex improves your sense of smell! Sex creates a surge of a hormone called prolactin to surge throughout your body. This causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain's olfactory bulb, which is your brain’s smell center.

Six Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually
Sexual intimacy is as important for the health and vitality of the marriage relationship as is emotional closeness and spiritual connection. Sexual nourishment that feeds both husband and wife is the dessert of married life

Vitamins To Aid In Weight Loss - Believe it
When you think about weight loss, you will tend to consider only about an exercise program to burn your fats away or the tasteless and raw foods that you plan to eat. You might also have considered buying the diet drug that you saw at the pharmacy. However, did it ever come across your mind that vitamins might help in weight loss?

Four Ways To Fast Weight Loss
Our fast paced world has made it extremely convenient for us to gather food, get support, shop and travel. But what we have also gained is a fast track to obesity as more and more products "made for our fast paced lifestyle" have been loaded down with things we can't even pronounce and harm our bodies. It seems we are quickly becoming a fast food nation of people with little time thanks to these "conveniences."

3 Powerful Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Weight Loss
“Oh-oh, my metabolism is drooping, that means weight gain.” How about using metabolism boosters to get that metabolism up to where it helps you lose weight instead of to gain it?
Metabolism boosters are not some kind of pill. They are anything that will speed up your metabolic rate (the speed at which your body burns calories).
The Importance Of Antioxidants In Skin Care Products
Antioxidants fight the free radicals that harm the cells, causing damage and premature aging. In other words, antioxidants skin care products help in preventing future damages and repairing past damages in the cells.

Anti-Aging Skincare Products
Age is such a fact of life that is probably the most enriching yet the most hated experience all over the globe, unanimously by everyone. For ages, men have been trying to figure out a way to stop aging and its effects, but all in vain. Reversal techniques of aging have been researched for by many a scientist, but the result has been always the same - zilch, naught. But has man given up?

Use Facial Exercise To Fix An Aging Face
Desperate people do desperate things and surgery is one of those desperate things that aging Baby Boomers hope can "fix" their sagging faces.
This is exactly what the practitioners that dispense paralyzing and plumping injections along with surgeries of every kind hope you believe. Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

The Potential Of Using Yoga For Weight Loss
Let's face it: a lot of people have a severe misunderstanding of yoga. For every one person who knows how effective yoga can be in maintaining a positive outlook, improving posture and digestion, staying in good health, and maintaining a high level energy just to get you through the day, there are probably a dozen skeptics who think it is all just new age baloney.

The Benefits Of Yoga
Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. It is a combination of breathing exercises ((pranayama), physical postures (asana), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation (dyana), practiced for more than 5,000 years.

My Beginning Yoga Experience
As I walked out of the Bikram Yoga studio toward my car after my first class, I found myself declaring, "If I can actually do this yoga, it will totally change my whole life." I had only been able to attempt half the postures, with the rest of the time lying down, just dealing with the heated, humid room. But it was a revelation as to the sorry state of my body's condition, and the pathetic condition of my mind-body connection.

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