Important Steps For A Woman To Be More Confident In Bed


Men often wonder why it is so difficult to convince women to turn on the lights when it is time for some lovemaking. If you think that modesty is the reason why women are so afraid of the light when they are about to have bedroom action, you should think again.

In reality, women tend to be so critical of the way they look physically. If men are concerned about how they are rated when it comes to lovemaking moves and groves, then women are fretting on how they look. More often than not, women find it very difficult to accept how they look naked, so they feel ashamed to show off their bodies even when they are perfectly buff and slender to the eyes of their partners or spouses. Instead of thinking about how to achieve pleasure in between the sheets, a typical woman would be concerned about whether her partner sees the cellulite on her thighs or the bumps and clumps of fat on her tummy.

If you are one of the women who act as if their husbands or boyfriends are scrutinizing every inch of their body, then you better start changing your frame of mind. If you want to achieve a pleasurable experience in bed, you have to dismiss all of your inhibitions and concerns, particularly about how you look. Here are some things you can do to slowly, but surely, give you confidence about the way you look when naked.

Stop Caring Too Much

Since most men are not so concerned about how they look when naked, then why should you? If your husband or boyfriend is not afraid to parade his potbelly in front of you, then why will you be so ashamed of your flabby arms, stretch marks or cellulite? It is important that you understand that men, when they are doing the act, are not exploring the bodies of their lovers just to look for blemishes and flaws. They do whatever it is they do to give women pleasure and to get their partners more excited and less inhibited.

The more openly and unabashedly you respond to his interludes, without cringing whenever he touches your not so perky breasts or when he kisses your stretch-mark-filled belly, the more that he will find delight in copulation. So, stop caring and start shedding your clothes in front of your man, even in broad daylight!

Dim The Lights

Instead of turning the lights off completely, you can make a compromise by dimming the light a bit. If your lamp or light fixture doesn't have this function, simply hanging a bandana or a veil over your lamp will do the trick. The not-so-bright light will create shadows and silhouettes that will empower you to be a little bolder the next time around.

Get Ahead And Splurge On Lingerie

If you want to feel sexier and more comfortable with your body, you should wear lace lingerie even when you are not expecting anything to happen on the bed. Feeling the expensive lace on your skin and the satin softness of the bows adorning your underwear could really help make you feel more kinky and ready to do some experiment.

Try Walking Around On Your Birthday Suit

When you are alone and at home, you should try to walk around your house or room naked so that you will feel less critical of your naked body. Just make sure that your blinds or curtains are drawn when you do this. Be more careful if there are children living in your house too.

Get 'Em Fixed

If you really are so concerned about the way your body looks, then you have to do something about it. No amount of walking around the house naked or wearing sexy lingerie will provide comfort if you still feel disgusted about your flaws.

If you have fat belly or flabby arms, you should start weight training and doing crunches to flatten your stomach and toning your muscles. If you have pimples on your butt, better find a cleanser and topical cream to help banish the pimples away. If you have an issue with cellulite, then find anti-cellulite creams, such as Cellutherm, that are designed to melt away the subcutaneous fat and minimizing the appearance of dimpled skin. If you want to know more about Cellutherm, just visit

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