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Important Steps For A Woman To Be More Confident In Bed
Men often wonder why it is so difficult to convince women to turn on the lights when it is time for some lovemaking. If you think that modesty is the reason why women are so afraid of the light when they are about to have bedroom action, you should think again.

Top Ten Reasons To Pursue A Healthy Sex Life
Having a healthy sex life is an important way to stay healthy! Here is a Baker’s Dozen list of reasons why:
1.) Healthy sex improves your sense of smell! Sex creates a surge of a hormone called prolactin to surge throughout your body. This causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain's olfactory bulb, which is your brain’s smell center.

Six Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually
Sexual intimacy is as important for the health and vitality of the marriage relationship as is emotional closeness and spiritual connection. Sexual nourishment that feeds both husband and wife is the dessert of married life

The #1 Tip for Great Sex
No, it’s not some new wild and kinky position or technique, it’s just some good old fashioned simple communication! Unfortunately many couples find it very difficult to communicate with one another about their sexual needs or preferences and this can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction and dysfunction in the relationship.

How Magazines Can Increase You Sex Appeal
How do you know what attracts the opposite sex?
Do you think a guy's magazine can really tell a guy what attracts women. It is all guesswork on the part of guys as to what women really like.

The Sex Talk: 6 Things Parents Must Know and practise
I want to start off first by saying that I do not have a specific age recommendation for giving the sex talk because I truly believe that every child and family is different with a variety of values. Therefore these tips are simply things that most teenagers I speak with, wish their parents knew about before giving them the talk, so please pick and choose what is right for your own family and values.
Little Tip On Premature Ejaculation - Simple
Curing premature ejaculation can cost some money. You will have to buy a exercising program, or hypnosis program, or psychologist sessions, or what ever you want to do.
But here I have one tip that could work to night, absolutely free ;).

Shocking Impotence Cure
This may shock you but did you know that electricity was once used to treat impotence? Absurd as that sounds today, “electrotherapeutics” was in vogue in between the 18th and 19th centuries and its uses were limited only by the imagination.

5 Ways to Easily Build Your Sexual Confidence
It’s a common experience to feel a lack of sexual confidence around women. When you’re not sure what to do to satisfy her, you’ll end up projecting a nervous attitude towards sex.
But while lots of guys experience some form of anxiety you CANNOT let this affect your performance in the bedroom. It’s important to understand what pleases women and then DO it. Only then will you be able to display an unstoppable amount of sexual confidence.

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