Toys - Jonesing For The New Xbox 360?


Sooner rather then later gamers like you and I will get a chance to see Xbox 360 up close and personal at retailers nationwide.

In some surprising news Microsoft is planning to deliver Xbox 360 demo kiosks to retailers across North America as early as October 24th.

Although the Xbox 360 console doesn't launch until November 22nd, Microsoft intends to get the console out to the public early with these demo Kiosks. Be sure to check your local retailers the week of October 24th.

Xbox 360 demo kiosks have been reported to appear in various Wal-Mart locations across the United States. The Xbox 360 demonstration units are hooked up to an HDTV LCD monitor and include a slot to insert a memory card to download promotional data.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console will drop to retail chains on Nov. 22nd. The next-generation system is due for a global launch in North America, Europe, and Japan this holiday season and it is sure to be a huge hit.

The Xbox 360 kiosk contains playable demos of several games, including Microsoft's Kameo, Activision's Call of Duty 2, and King Kong. The demonstration disc also features movies of several titles, including Project Gotham Racing 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Ghost Recon

The buzz continues to build for Xbox 360 as retailers prep for the Thanskgiving launch. Numerous online retailers, including and, have pre-sold out of the $299 Core System and $399 premium edition.

Brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target, have set up promotional posters and take-home leaflets to start the marketing blitz.
Microsoft is expected to produce 1.5 - 2 million units for the Xbox 360's global launch. Most units are said to be allocated for the North American market, followed by Europe and Japan.

Microsoft has sold 22 million Xbox units across the U.S. on hits like the Halo franchise. Sony's PS2 leads the U.S. game market, while Nintendo's GameCube ranks third.

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