Sexy Underwear together with Sexy Lingerie as Home Wear


Whether you are staying at home with a sweetheart or just lazing around with popcorn and a movie, you can still be stylish with any intimate apparel. You can wear sexy lingerie that makes you feel comfortable, and at the same time beautiful. The kinds of sexy lingerie that can be worn during leisure times at home are chemise, gowns, charmed use, and baby dolls. They are fun to wear not only because women feel sexy wearing them but also because they come in different styles and colours. It is enjoyable to choose various sizes, designs, and shapes of such sexy underwear. Also the fabrics are soft and silky, making the woman feel comfortable at home.

A chemise is a sexy underwear dressy garment characterized with a sleeveless dress and loose from the waist down. It is typically short; about an inch, or more, above the knee and they are made of silk or synthetic material usually worn closer to the skin, thus considered an intimate apparel. Even while at home, women can still be stylish with sexy lingerie chemise. They are usually worn close to bedtime or when just lingering around the bedroom on lazy weekends.

A babydoll is for younger version of chemise; but they are typically described as more loose from hips down. They are mostly used as young girl's nightgown although adults can also find suitable and cute babydoll for their physiques. Babydolls come with ruffles, laces, ribbons, bows and furs. The baby doll sexy lingerie also consists of the fabric usually used on chemise and they also come in various styles and colours.

Charm use is undergarment that consists of very light fabric usually with lace and mostly with seams that are hard to define for novice sewers. Usually, charm use is a sexy underwear used under a long gown for comfort from the gow's heavy fabric such as velvet. At other times, brides use this sexy lingerie although they do not help in making the bridal gown fuller in appearance. What they do is simply make the user comfortable from within because of its light, close to skin, fabric. While at home, women can use sexy lingerie charm use as it is for comfort as well.

A long gown is another garment that is considered sexy lingerie because of its thin fabric. They are designed just as what the name suggests long, but they basically consist of fabrics or designs like that of a chemise. Just like the other lingerie's that take the form of a dress, the long gown is made up of light silky fabric. They can also be worn under a long cocktail dress although they can also be used at home by those who do not want to wear short intimate apparel dresses or do not want to show off other sexy underwear.

Although the "dress" lingerie can be used at home, they are mostly worn only among family members, particularly the spouse, because they mostly reveal the body skin. Since they are made of light fabrics, not everyone living in the house can take the pleasure of seeing the user wearing such sexy lingerie. Although a woman may feel dressed with such type of intimate apparel, they are not to be worn as one would wear an outer garment. They are used for personal comfort, in personal rooms, that only close people can see.

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