Letting Her Know You Really Love Her


Undeniably, many times I have heard that expression by surrounding friends. Indeed, you could say that it has been my and many guys guiding force when it comes to buying and giving gifts. More than any other single occasion, Valentine's Day is an occasion for love and romance for most of the time. Unlike Christmas, Deepavali, Hari Raya and Chinese new year for examples, where you celebrate a variety of thoughts and feelings like love, friendship, peace, sharing, and family ties. And on this Valentine day, the things you should say and do will show your love ones and indeed influence on your love life than any others day of the year.

So, how do you show your love? Well, you can go small or you can go big; it's up to you, your creativity and your budget. Sometimes the old-fashioned methods work best as well; but sometimes unusual tricks can give you something EXCITING in returns. What is important is your heart and the true passion behind each word you say or each gift you give. Once you get an idea of how it works and you have mastered it. Your mind is free forever in future.

What things should I do is considered unusual tricks but somehow I will get back something which is unexpected BUT splendid! OK, let me share something with you here. Have you ever thought of Sexy gifts? Your gifts will let her look sexy and extremely beautiful. Her total body shape display in front of you. Just you and her and no one else.

Further more, buying a set of sexy lingerie, sexy night wear or sexy sleep wear for her on this special day is not something shameful. Just a gift from your heart. She will not angry with you simply because of "unusual tricks gift". Do you ever listen from your love ones says this to you. "Ai Ya.. I want SOMETHING special. Not alike with previous years". Have you? Then Go for it. Get the sexy one. I bet with you, you will thank back me.

Or you still want to go for traditional and conventional way like:

Writing a love letter to express how you love here. Yes, I realize that it may sound a little bit cheesy, but remember: it's Valentine's Day, right? Perhaps you will find that it's easier way to express your love and romance on paper than speak out. A love letter can do wonders also.

Of course, you can give here some roses. But before you pick up flowers, make sure that the colour of the roses you choose will give out the correct message of romance you want. For example, everyone knows that red roses "I love you", but do you know that coral roses express desire? You can also give other flowers and not merely red rose for Valentine's Day. A pink one means "l never forget you".

How about a trip? Just both of you. A romantic getaway will give you and your loved one some undisturbed time and privacy to new ones. Set aside time in your busy and lousy schedules and determine what type of allocation you consider romantic. You can also treat yourselves to a relaxing getaway at your domestic famous place. This could be the best gift for both of you, especially if you are always easily stressed out and tired.

Sometimes small or tiny gifts will give big rewards. If you really can afford it, then by all means go ahead and get for her a diamond ring or bracelet. A small bottle of perfume, or even massage oils will also do the trick. 

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