10 Unique Gifts For Mom For Mother's Day


Every other day of the year Mom’s in charge of holidays: she decorates the house, buys the gifts, and plans the parties. But the second Sunday in May is her day to sit back and let the celebration come to her. Don’t let the party end after breakfast in bed. Chances are one of these unique gifts will be just perfect for your favorite mom especially if you’ve been looking for a very special and unusual gift for her.

Deeds to the USA —What’s your mom’s secret wish? To live in a beachfront Hawaiian condo, a B&B in Vermont, or a loft in San Francisco? Give her a tiny piece of her dream with a legal Deed to a one square inch parcel of land in the state that you know she loves. Deeds are available for all 50 states in the US, one state at a time, or all 50 states on one Deed. They’re individually numbered and Mom’s name will be inscribed on it. What could be a more unusual gift than land?

US Postage - Photo Stamps —Even bill-paying can be fun when you have familiar smiling faces looking back at you from personalized postage stamps. But chances are she’ll use them on notes to her friends about the cutest grandkids in the world. No grandkids? Don’t fret! Upload a photo of Fido, the family cat or even a picture of dear old Dad.

Wine Gift Baskets -- This is my favorite way to buy wine. Why? I’m not sure what which wines are better than others…and quite frankly, I’m not sure my mother would know either. And when I told my hair stylist, he jumped up and down with joy, saying that he’d get wine baskets for his mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. That’s a lot of wine! Cheers.

Canvas on Demand—She framed all your school picture declaring you looked wonderful (even though it was the bad hair day of the century). Make up for all those goofy photos with a custom canvas made from a digital or scanned photo image. And it can be ready in a week! Even the most average photo looks
great on canvas from these master craftsmen at “Canvas on Demand.”

Gift of the Month— Want a chance to remind mom every month that she’s the greatest? Maybe even the “sweetest?” With summer approaching what mom could resist the Ice Cream Club? Or the Chocolate Club? Or maybe when you look at your mom you think: candles, flowers, tea, or will it be wine? Better than gift baskets. Enroll mom for three, six, nine or twelve months of surprises delivered directly to her at home or work. She’ll thank you and think of you every time she receives your special gift well past Mother’s Day.

Wish Upon a Star -- What makes your Mom a star? Is it her delectable apple pie, a voice that should win American Idol, or just the fact that she was brave enough to teach you to drive? Make it official by naming a star for Mom and registering it with the Universal Star Catalogs Database. She’ll receive a
certificate and the stellar coordinates so, with the help of a telescope, she can gaze upon her very own star.

Personalized T-Shirts for Mom and Grandmother - If you have a new or a to-be-grandma in the family help her announce it with a Forgotten Generations t-shirt. But moms come in all shapes and sizes and so do the t-shirts at Café Press. Personally, I think my mom would enjoy an “Empress” t-shirt. But maybe your mom is “Groovy Grandma”, “Hot Mama”, or “Super Mom”. Tell the world what makes your mom unique with the perfect shirt, cap, or tote bag.

What Happened on the Day Mom was Born -- When asked (and sometimes even before she’s asked) Mom is happy to remember the day you were born right down to the car she drove to the hospital in and what song was playing on the radio. But what was happening the day Mom was born? Get a fun glimpse into her life with an original issue of a major newspaper from her birthday.

Give Mom Tiffany’s Stock -- One Share, anyway. Maybe mom’s always harbored a secret wish for one of those little blue boxes that scream to the world “Tiffany’s”. Or you could just buy her Tiffany’s. OK, only one share of Tiffany’s stock but technically she’s still an owner with her own framed stock certificate and voting rights. With One Share your Mom can own a little piece of Sak’s, Krispy Kremes, Martha Stewart, or hundreds of other fun companies.

Yoga Gift Set – My mother is very cool. She knows all the current songs and rock groups, knows all the current jargon as well as knowing all the current trends, all the time. She’s just getting into Yoga so this “Yoga to the Rescue” booklet will show her how to relax using 48 poses (with illustrations, thank God). It also includes some ways to cheat and do easier versions (double thank God). I’ve got the yoga magnet with illustrations slapped up on my filing cabinet. They got me through a few frantic phone calls involving a boss with deadline issues. So I’m certain my mother will be able to use this when, well…at those times when she’s not so cool.

Chances are one of these unique gifts will be just perfect for your favorite mom pecially if you've been struggling to fine something so appropriate and omething that's a very special and unusual gift for her. All the above clever and unique gifts for mom can be found at http://www.VeryCleverGifts.com 

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