Car Ionizer - Negative Ions: A Breath Of Fresh Air To Energize You


You are what you eat and you also are what you breathe. Today air quality in the home and workplace is a hot topic.

Clean, fresh air is good for us. We feel better when we breathe air removed of its pollutants. When we feel better, we perform better. Research shows that air charged with negative ions produces cleaner air. Clean air improves mood and energy levels so we're able to tackle our problems better.

Can this ionization of air help smokers, who regularly inhale toxic substances, quit their habit? Researchers say it can. With the help of ionizing systems, many believe smokers can naturally stop smoking through increased will power and energy.

Negative ions are charged particles, which carry a 'negative' charge. An air purification-ionizer system releases these ions into the air. They attach themselves to dust, dander, mold, and other pollutants, which are of a 'positive' charge. When the negative ions combine with pollutants, they form clusters, which are too heavy to remain in the air. These clusters fall to surfaces where we wipe or vacuum them up. Therefore, our indoor air quality improves.

What results manifest in us with this improved air quality? Here are some of them:

* Revitalized cell metabolism
* Increased oxygen levels in our blood
* Stronger immune system
* Increase in will-power
* Energy levels increase
* Less feelings of stress
* Mood elevation
* Better physical performance
* Alleviation of depression
* Increased learning abilities

Elevated mood levels and increased energy produces positive attitudes needed to take action. When applied to smokers, these can give them the kick-start needed to implement a stop smoking program based on willpower. The use of an air purification system that produces negative ions can produce these positive mood changes.

A smoker who is successful in quitting smoking after years of struggle feels better about him or herself. They find they have increased vitality and a general feeling of well-being. This creates an attitude change, which in the workplace results in better work performance and better co-worker relationships.

HR management in workplaces would benefit from air purification systems that release negative ions. They would notice increased productivity from employees in general - because of the 'breaths of fresh air', they are inhaling.

The improved air quality from negative ions would boost energy and mood levels. The improved energy and mood levels could help those employees who want to stop smoking. The resultant will power they gain could drive them toward their goal of ending their addiction.

The new non-smoker will feel happier and this will be contagious at work. They will be better collaborators with their fellow employees. They will be easier to work with, given their new positive attitude. The company would benefit, as employees with better mood levels attain better work results. These improved work results could lead to promotions to leadership positions and salary increases. It's a win-win situation for the company, the human resources program, and the employee.

With more studies showing the benefits of negative ions, more organizations are looking at using them in their environments. Many companies have stop-smoking programs for their employees. The addition of air purification systems that release negative ions would spur these stop-smoking programs to greater success.

Employees who kick the habit will be employees with renewed mood levels. Their increased oxygen flow will allow them to have more vigor and powers of concentration. Their increased attention spans will allow them to accomplish more in less time. They will focus better on their tasks, and communicate more effectively with fellow employees.

Air purification systems that promote healthy indoor environments are an aid to the workplace. They assist HR managers who strive to make the workplace healthier for their workers. They assist workers who need elevated mood and energy levels to help them stop smoking.

There are many positives when it comes to negative ions. Employers would do well to charge their atmospheres with these lively energy enhancers.

About the Author:

The Author Thomas Fox is currently working on his Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Change. Breath of Fresh Air to Energize You should inspire remedies for Workplace Productivity, leading to positive change.