Another shop in Nilai-3 Pasar Borong transformed into new facelift


Fiona Exclusive just opened in month March, 2008. Emerge as one of the biggest in providing wide range of textile and curtain products in Nilai-3 Wholesale centre. Undoubtedly, Fiona is no longer a strange brand or name to many visitors. Their shops' name already well known by Malaysian. Along the North and South Highway you can see their advertisement board.

Fional Exclusive has been running business for more than 5 years in this area but the special thing was that, it successfully transformed into a totally new facelift from its conventional shop appearance. According to them, about 2 to 3 hundred thousands cost of renovation. It indeed very special in this area and undeniably definitely will attract many visitors due to its unique concept and look.

By judging to the shop outlook, don't be surprise to know that some of the items only sell from range RM15 and up to few hundreds. Unbelievable!


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