Working from Home: Making the Most of Your Workspace


Your ideal at-home workspace may contain many cool gadgets, some of which may be practical and some of which will never fit in. From ergonomic equipment, such as a new ergonomic mouse to fancy character recognition software, you can have it all or at least what you need to get the most done.
First, think about the type of space you need. What colors work well around you? What size space do you need? Do you need certain things in your space at all times? What do you need to work effectively and productively? It may help to make a list so that you don't forget anything. And make sure you use a room that gives enough light so that you can get more energy from the room you're in.

Make sure you are organized. Take a minute to asses your storage space and the type of furniture that you will need to unclutter your space. It is going to take you far less energy and time to work in an office that is neat and tidy. There are many stores out there now that will help you organize your space.

If you are going to spend your entire day in your home office make sure it is comfortable. Think about ergonomic equipment. Get yourself an ergonomic mouse, chair and desk. Also, make sure that you computer is set up for an ideal working environment. Make sure that you are now feeling sore at the end of the day use your space wisely.

Make sure you choose a room that has a door you can close if you are going to need some privacy to get your work done. Are your kids running around the house wanting to spend time with you? Make sure that you choose a time of day that is yours for working, especially if the kids are home with you all day. Keep your work in your office. This will help you not to blur the lines between working and living all at the same time. If you are working with customers and clients it is essential that you keep their information private as well.

If you have worked in an office environment for a long time and are switching to working at home, it may be a bit of a transition. Make sure you set a regular schedule for yourself so that you can get some work done. If you end up sleeping the day away you will have to make up work time over the night keep things regular. Are you used to working in a team all day and are now transitioning to working alone? You might need to make a Starbucks run so that you get a little human interaction. It is going to be very strange not being around coworkers all day.

Setting up your ideal home office can be a difficult task. The office equipment, the type of space and the atmosphere can all be essential to creating the perfect work environment. Make sure that you use your space wisely so that you can get truly get the most out of your time.

About the Author: Rebecca Beckett is a freelance writer for Innuity. If you would like more information about ergonomic mouse or character recognition go to Cirque

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