Make My Computer Faster - Three Quick and Easy Steps To Make My Computer Faster


As a computer technician, the #1 question I receive from customers is "How can I make my computer faster?" My first piece of advice is always the same. Before investing hundreds even thousands of dollars on upgrades or new computers, why not make sure your computer is running at top speed first. And I will tell you, over 95% of people I have met are not utilizing the full speed of their computer.
And often times I am perplexed. After all, people spend tons of money on the latest and fanciest equipment. Yet they spend no time performing maintenance tasks. Their computer runs slow and they just ask how to make my computer faster. Well follow these three steps and you can turn your computer from a Volkswagen to a Ferrari.

Eliminate unnecessary startup programs. Every new piece of software we install thinks it should open automatically every time we start our computers. Well this is hogwash. Not only does it cause your computer to have a slow startup, it also eats up valuable RAM and gives your computer a sluggish feeling. Eliminating as many programs as possible will make your computer faster than ever.

Use the disk defragmenter. I advise people to run a disk defrag once a month. How often do you run one? What the disk defragmenter does is quickens your computers access to data. Many files are fragmented and need to be compiled into neat sections. The disk defragger will make your computer run faster when accessing and running different programs.

Clean up Windows registry. The Windows registry is one of the most complicated, important, and least understood areas of our computer. The registry contains the information to run every single piece of software and hardware in our computers. And more often than not, the directory is a complete mess. Yet at the same time because it is such a sensitive area, no one should attempt to clean their registry without the help of a program. When people ask "how to make my computer faster" the #1 biggest help is a clean and optimized Windows registry.

For computer experts, these steps should be quite easy. Those of you who are less than experts, don't worry. I actually use a program that can perform all three of these tasks very easily. Not only will it make your computer faster, with scheduled scanning and auto repair and cleaning, you can actually completely automate the maintenance of your computer. Simply set it and forget it. Before you throw hard earned money at new equipment why not give this a shot first. Scan your computer below for free. Tired of your sluggish computer? Do you wish it ran more like the hare and less like the tortoise? Did you know you can get your computer running like new with a simple free scan? Speed up your computer with the best registry cleaner on the market

Make my computer faster

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