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A lot of busy-bodies in this time and age have a dependable handy dandy laptop that they carry everywhere they may go. It is expected that these are brought with them not only in the four walls of the hectic office but also at home where they can check their emails whether personal or business anytime or at their favorite cafe while sipping that fully bodied aromatic cappuccino. You can be sure that laptop would never be absent during those critical business meetings where they can typically type in their observations and comments without much use for a notebook.

For those laptop laden individuals perhaps one of the issues of concern and anxiety is on the usage of this nifty device. Not that it is not all that useful as it advertises but because the laptop is not actually ergonomically friendly. It has been said that the computer has basically one ergonomic requirement and that is that its screen and its keyboard be separated to make the user more at ease and relaxed when typing in those words or numbers. It was in the late 1970's when computer users finally had enough of musculoskeletal discomfort and decided to write up the guidelines stating forth that the keyboard and the screen be distanced away from one another from that moment and onwards.

Perhaps the best defense against a sore neck or back or cramps on the hands and wrists is to make sure to maintain good posture when using a laptop computer. For occasional users, it is advised that you go for a comfortable chair where you can sit your back in. To avoid wrist pains, it is better to place the laptop on your lap as this is the most neutral location. Make sure to position the laptop in an angle where you can see the screen comfortably without having to twist and turn your neck in to view it.

More so, ease and comfort is of greater deal for those full time users of laptop computers. And if you are one who use one as a main computer then do so to position the laptop on a desk where you see the laptop screen without craning your neck. This can be achieved by placing the computer on an elevated surface or you could make use of a computer monitor pedestal for support. It is appropriate that you use a separate keyboard and mouse which can be easily set up at the back of the laptop or through a docking station. Utilize an adjustable position mouse platform for greater ease and efficiency. For wrist, a negative tilt keyboard tray would be a great help.

It also helps to know your user concerns and issues before you purchase your laptop. This can include your laptop dimensions and weight. Think of the places where you will be working on your laptop on the issue of dimensions. Small sizes could work better in almost all places as compared to the large ones where you could have difficulty fitting in the space on your car or train seat. Weight is a big deal if you travel or go about a lot. Lugging a heavy laptop is not really a fortunate thing. So if you are always on the move, think small.

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