Make Money Typing Online Effectively Through Identifying Legitimate Websites


Many people love to make money typing online with jobs that can earn them around $20,000 to $30,000 every month easily. I am one of them. But sad to see plenty of people got scammed on the internet too with typing opportunities that promised them big income or charged them for high joining fee yet turned out to be scams eventually. I am one of the victims too.
After going through so many disappointments, I have finally realized that knowing how to identify a legitimate online typing website is the key factor. One needs to be careful and realistic. To make $20,000 - $30,000 a month is unlikely for a start. You know yourself that if you can do it, everyone else does but who's going to pay? Below are 5 simple tips which will help you to recognize one among so many money making typing scams out there.

How To Identify A Legitimate Typing Job Online That Can Really Make Money?

Tip 1 : Proof Of Earnings Or Payment Earnings or payment for their online typing jobs normally come in the form of paycheck. Look out or ask for a picture of their paycheck and their account earnings with daily subtotals. Daily subtotals will be useful to reveal their daily earnings or payouts. A paycheck with a bulk figure could be a consolidated earnings for a few weeks or months which can only prove that the website truly pays yet may not be as much as what they promise on a daily or weekly basis.

Tip 2: Company Background And Establishment Every legitimate website that offers online typing jobs should have a section that describes about their company background. Make sure that it is strong and established enough to get clients and offer you sufficient typing jobs by looking out for things like, when they started their business, who are their clients etc.

Tip 3: Contact Information Or Online Assistance Every legitimate website should provide a way for people to contact them. It will be better if you can find contact information like telephone and fax, and not just online forms or emails. Online assistance like chat or forum will add more credentials to their good service and integrity.

Tip 4 : Frequently Asked Questions Every legitimate website should come with a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that shares all the past concerns and queries that people had asked and how the website responded to them. Such questions are typically the most important ones which you will encounter when you sign up them.

Tip 5 : Reasonable Joining Fee I can understand why these websites ask for joining fee in the first place. They run a business and they do incur an expense to operate the site. A small joining fee of less than $50 would be reasonable if they provide you with sufficient training materials and aids to assist you with your typing job. Do not fall for scams that ask for hundreds of dollars just to sign up with them. It's ridiculous.

As more and more "Make-Money-Typing-And-Get-Rich-Today" scams surface on the internet everyday, it is essential that you should open your eyes big and identify who are the good or bad guys in front.

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